Established in the year 1980. We started as an Import-Export house dealing in Industrial raw materials, Ores, Steel, Mineral and Metals.

We represent companies engaged in mining of Asbestos fiber and fertilizers for Imports and Ferro Alloys, Ores, wire and rods etc for export.

Since early 80s we are representing a major asbestos fiber trading house M/s C.J.Petrow and Co. Pty Ltd. Johannesburg. Since 1999 we are representing them for supplying URAL, Russian Chrysotile Raw Asbestos fibre to many reputed industrial houses in India to meet their critical raw material requirements.

 Here we would like to stress that we have started and nurtured relationship with two or more generations of Industrialists in the same organizations in India. Needless to say our association with our principals goes back over 30 years and has been tested and proven over time.

We also work with many producers of Ferro alloys producers in India to market their products tocountries like Malaysia Indonesia Etc.

Fertilizers has been another area of our interest and have supplied large quantities of fertilizers and Fertilizers Raw Material to Indian Govt./ Agencies on behalf of our Principals.

If we have to describe ourselves in a word that would be “consistency”.